Super Smash Flash 3

By Mario

Hey there fellow gamer, so if you are reading this article it means only one thing that you have been looking for Super Smash Flash 3. I have no idea who has started these rumors that there are third fourth or higher versions of the game, when in fact latest version of the game is second one. I have been looking for the information across the web for a long time and I can tell you for sure that McLeodGaming (official developers of the game) has no plans for releasing new version of the game in near future, they plan to release patches more often, they plan to make updates and things like that, but they are not even thinking about releasing new version of the game, they focus more on fixing and updating current one.

I have no idea if they are going to start working on Super Smash Flash 3, but judging from the success of the second version of the game chances are that they will. Only question is when and with that I’m afraid no one can help you.

Meanwhile you can play second version of the game on our blog SSF2Hub.Com, game loads from our server pretty fast and you can enjoy it online.

If you have any news about new versions of the game which we don’t know please share it with other gamers in comments section below.


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