List of characters from SSF2

By Mario





Mario Main Mario Mario Mario symbol Mario is the protagonist of the Super Mario franchise and the mascot of the company Nintendo. Mario is considered the most well-balanced character in the game, making him perfect for first-time players. He retains his fireball and has gained a cape to reflect projectiles and thrown items. The Mario Tornado has evolved into the Star Spin.
Peach PA Peach Mario Mario symbol Princess Peach is a main character and damsel-in-distress from the Super Mario series. Peach has floaty properties and can remain airborne for many seconds. Peach uses many attacks from her past game appearances such as a golf club, she can also pluck vegetables from the ground.
DK main Donkey Kong Donkey Kong DK symbol Donkey Kong is a character from the Mario spin-offs but also the protagonist of his own series. Donkey Kong is a really big character making him very vulnerable to attacks, but on the other hand, he is one of the strongest characters in the game. He can deliver powerful punches and slap the ground. He can also carry around with him other characters.
Yoshi Main Yoshi Yoshi Yoshi symbol Yoshi is character introduced in the Mario series where he is an ally and friend to Mario, he eventually made it as the protagonist of his own series. Yoshi can use his long tongue to eat opponents and turn them into eggs, he also has ability to shoot Yoshi Eggs and turn into a rolling Yoshi Egg and ram over opponents.
Wario Main Wario Wario Wario symbol Wario is yet another Mario spin-off character who also stars his own series, he is also Mario’s bitter and greedy rival. Wario is an unusual fighter with unorthodox methods: he can open his jaw to chew his opponents but his can also use his explosive flatulences as attacks, depending its charge.
Link PA Link The Legend of Zelda Zelda symbol Link is the protagonist of The Legend of Zelda from Nintendo. His basic attacks consist in slashing with the Master Sword. He also carries a wide variety of weapons like the Gale Boomerang, bombs and a new ability to mix this with the Hero’s Bow.
Zelda Main Zelda The Legend of Zelda Zelda symbol Zelda is the princess of Hyrule and eponymous character of the series. As the holder of the Triforce of Wisdom, Zelda is bestowed with a lot of magical abilities, in favour of regular melee attacks, including the 3 enchants of the godesses: Din’s Fire, Nayru’s Love and Farore’s Wind. Her magic abilities also allow her to tranform into her sheikah alter-ego Sheik.
Sheik main Sheik The Legend of Zelda Zelda symbol Shiek is a persona secretly assumed by Zelda in the game The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. This sheikah alter ego is the exact opposite of Zelda as Sheik relies on more physical attacks rather than magic and is considerably faster than the stylish princess. Being a ninja-like character, Sheik poses quick weapons for her use such as almost invincible needles or the use of Deku Nuts to swiftly appear and disappear.
Samus Main Samus Metroid Metroid symbol Samus is a female space bounty hunter who is the protagonist of Nintendo’s Metroid series. Samus was given a biological suit by the Chozo called the Power Suit which grants her of endurable protection as the Varia Suit and is integrated with a variety of waepons and projectiles such as a Charge Shot and a unlimited supply of missiles.
ZSS PA Zero Suit Samus Metroid Metroid symbol Zero Suit Samus is simply Samus without her Power Suit. This way, Samus exhibits more athletic and flexible movements, as well as being more a speedster character. Samus only carries an emergency pistol called the Paralyzer which also comes integrated with a whip and a wire of plasma.
Kirby Main Kirby Kirby Kirby symbol Kirby is the protagonist of his eponymous Kirby series. Kirby’s unique ability to inhale and copy his opponents’ neutral special attack is now present, he even dons a particular hat from the opponent he absorbed. He still has the ability to float 5 times before falling.
MK Meta Knight Kirby Kirby symbol Meta Knight is the mysterious eternal rival of Kirby, a pride swordsman and leader of the Meta-Knights. Mostly a transition from his Brawl counterpart, Meta Knight poses almost the same moveset, albeit toned down to allow a more regular character. Much like Kirby’s ability to float, Meta Kinght can use his wings to soar the air 5 times before falling, but unlike Kirby, he can glide as well.
Captain-Falcon Captain Falcon F-Zero F-Zero symbol Captain Falcon is the bounty hunter racer of the Nintendo’s F-Zero racing games. Captain Falcon has a moveset similar to his Smash Bros. counterparts who has been expanded to include the missing moves he didn’t have in the first SSF like Raptor Boost or Falcon Dive. The Falcon Punch and the Falcon Kick also return.
Fox Main Fox Star Fox Star Fox symbol Fox is the leader of a group of space mercenaries called Star Fox from the series of the same name. Fox’s moveset has been expanded to that of his Smash Bros. counterparts, for example, he can now allowing him to control the direction of the Fire Fox before launching. the remaining attacks like Blaster or Fox Illusion, remain mostly the same but were updated in the same way.
Ness main Ness EarthBound Mother symbol Ness is the protagonist of the second installment of the Mother series called EarthBound (or Mother 2). Ness is a young boy specialized in PSI powers, which includes numerous attacks like PK Fire or PK Thunder, in addition to the all-powerful PK Starstorm as his Final Smash. Ness is the only character than can recover his damage by himself using PSI Magnet to absorb energy-based projectiles.
Marth PA Marth Fire Emblem Fire Emblem symbol Marth is a character from Nintendo’s tactical RPG game series Fire Emblem. Marth is a noble prince and swordman who carries a longsword called the Falchion. Unlike Link, the other swordman of the game, Marth completely relies of the Falchion, sans for few excpetions. The blade of this powerful sword is capable of piercing shields and even allow a quick sucession of rapid slashes with a lot of possible ways to attack. Marth can also counter to enemies’ attacks and finishing them off with flashing blow on the defenseless opponent.
Pikachumain Pikachu Pokémon Pokemon symbol Pikachu is an electric type Mouse Pokémon, considered to be the mascot of the Pokémon franchise as well. Pikachu is a small character that deals with electric attacks, like Thunder Jolt or Thunder. In addition, Skull Bash can now be charged.
Jigglypuff main Jigglypuff Pokémon Pokemon symbol Jigglypuff is dual-type normal/fairy Balloon Pokémon. Its body mostly resembles the form of Kirby, but aside the fact both can float up to five time in the air before falling and the almost similar weight class, Jigglypuff’s moveset is considerably a lot more different, not to mention unrelated, than Kirby’s. It is mostly based on its Super Smash Bros incarnation with attacks like Pound or Rollout conforming Jigglypuff’s moveset.
Chibi-Robo PA Chibi-Robo Chibi-Robo! Chibi-Robo symbol Chibi-Robo is a 10-centimeter-tall robot and main character of its eponymous Chibi-Robo! series. As a multi-tasked robot, Chibi-Robo is armed with quircks it uses within its games, such as a toothbrush or even a spoon. Chibi-Robo’s most unique trait is that to open the lid on its head and catch any incoming projectile to latter launch it back to the thrower or any other opponent in the match.
Isaac Golden Sun Isaac is the Earth Adept, silent main protagonist and party leader of Golden Sun. Isaac is yet to be added into the game.
Sonic main Sonic Sonic Sonic symbol Sonic is the 15 year old protagonist of Sega’s Sonic series, having the ability to run at supersonic speed. Not many changes were done to Sonic’s conversion into the game, he is still the fastest character, has very similar attacks and even his sprites are the same. Of course he also gathered new attacks as well. Super Sonic is merged with him and it is now his Final Smash.
Tails Tails Sonic Sonic symbol Tails is the 8 year old fox friend of Sonic and his best friend to the point of brotherhood. He suffered basically the same change as Sonic, mostly the same attacks, the same sprites, but was buffed in the sense he is now a fast character and can use new devices as well, like the Tornado biplane.
MM PA Mega Man Mega Man Mega Man symbol Mega Man is robot master created of Dr. Light and the main character of the Mega Man classic series. Much like X from SSF, Mega Man has an arm cannon that he can shoot a wide variety of weapons from his past adventures. He is so far the only character who can change one of his special attacks, considerably expanding his moveset.
Bomberman Main Bomberman Bomberman Bomberman symbol Bomberman is a robot whose main ability is to create bombs, hence his name, out of his own hands; he is a robot who wears a white helmet with a fuse-like antenna (making his head resemble a bomb) that only shows his eyes; his mouth, if he even has one, isn’t visible, therefore, Bomberman shows responses and emotions through his eyes; he also wears a blue suit, sometimes purple, with a black belt in the middle, the legs and sleeves are completely white while his gloves, shoes and the round tip of his helmet’s antenna are pink.
BlackMage Main Black Mage Final Fantasy Final Fantasy symbol Black Mage is one of the many job classes in the Final Fantasy series. As with the original games, Black Mage is a character who is specialized in spells , rather than brute strength. He can freeze opponents, curse them with a small reaper that attacks at random and even poisoning them for a short time, a trait unique to Black Mage.
Lloyd main Lloyd Tales Tales symbol Lloyd is the main protagonist of the game Tales of Symphonia, the fifth mothership title in the Tales series. Unlike his previous incarnation, Lloyd is now a starter character. Much like the case of Sonic and Tails, he keeps the same attacks and the same sprites, in addition to the new improvements.
Sora PA Sora Kingdom Hearts Kingdom Hearts symbol Sora is the main protagonist of Square Enix and Disney Interactive Studios’ Kingdom Hearts series, a crossover based on Final Fantasy and Disney characters, specifically created for the settings of the games. Sora holds a weapon known as the “Keyblade” from which he can cast several spells from the Final Fantasy series, as well as using melee attacks.
Ichigo PA Ichigo Bleach Bleach symbol Ichigo is the protagonist of the manga and anime series, Bleach by Tite Kubo. Ichigo is a shinigami who got his power from another female shinigami called Rukia. Ichigo dons this form within the game and carries a large blade called zanpakutō who is his main weapon. Among his attacks include his signature Getsuga Tenshō, Engetsuzan and Bankai.
Naruto PA Naruto Naruto Naruto symbol Naruto is the protagonist of the manga and anime series of the same anime by Masashi Kishimoto. Naruto’s appearance was updated to match his appearance in the second arc of the series called Naruto: Shippūden. His attack, unlike his previous incarnation now include the use of jutsus and chakras, thus Naruto is finally able to use his signature Rasengan and the Shadow Clones in different ways.
Goku-Main Goku Dragon Ball Dragon Ball symbol Goku is the protagonist of the manga and anime series, Dragon Ball by Akira Toriyama. Goku is a member of the Saiyan race, said to be the strongest race in the universe. Goku is a specialist in martial arts thanks to his constant training over the years, he also comes with a variety of techniques using his inner ki, like his signature Kamehameha or Kaiō-ken.