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By Mario

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Hello there, so if you are here this means only one thing that you are also huge fan of fighting flash games and especially Super Smash Flash 2. This game is just awesome and amazing, developed and brought to us by McLeodGaming (many thanks to developers of this game).

So my website SSF2Hub.Com is completely dedicated to this awesome flash game, we can gather here, discuss latest updates or strategies together with other gamers (using Facebook comments section) or simply play and enjoy SSF2 online for free.

I want to tell about first version of this game as well. Now first version was interesting as well, but to be honest there were not so many characters, plus graphics were kinda poor so to be honest second version is like 10x times better.

Super Smash Flash 2What makes this game really unique and outstanding from other fighting flash games is its popular characters like: Pikachu, Mario, Sonic, Naruto, etc. Each character comes with unique attack abilities and moves, just imagine so many different characters, so many different spells and skills – PURE AWESOMENESS isn’t it?

One more thing about Super Smash Flash 2, this game supports different modes: 2 vs 2, single player, multiplayer (my favorite mode ^^), etc.

Currently latest version of the game is v0.9, but I must tell you that there are some discussions about Super Smash Flash 3. I have no idea if this is true and if McLeodGaming is planning to create it, but if they will release third version of the game or some new update I will let you know for sure.

So, my dear user that is all what I wanted to tell you, if you have some questions or you want to share with us your strategies how to succeed in this game feel free to use our comments section. GL HF!

P.S. Check also my useful links below, where you can find list of all characters in the game and also offline version of the game from official website (they support following OS systems: Windows, Mac and Linux).

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